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3 Signs Sports Bra Must Be Replaced

The most annoying thing when you bought  a sports bra that looks very good at the first time but after several month it has been deprecated and no longer comfortably to wear. Infact, sports bras were not same as much as regular bra. The options are limited, but you also have to select which is able to provide a buffer for your  breast.

You need to know, age of sports bra was much shorter than you think. Depending on how often you wear, sports bra should have been changed after the past 6-12 months. however, how do you know that it was time to replace your bra?

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1. The rope of Sports Bra was curled or rose.

This is the most commonly occurs in an old bra. After hundreds of times washed, the bottom of the bra strap (which is the hook) becomes more inelastic, loose, and unable to provide proper support for your breasts. In fact, this is the bottom strap that provides a foundation for its support. When you’ve felt the bra strap is loose, immediately bought a new bra with a buffer that is still strong.

2. Strap that does not stretch anymore.

Bra strap is hooked to both shoulders should have a minimum stretch resources to reduce breast movement upwards and downwards. As well as hooks on the bottom rope, on a bra that is too often washed, the rope that helps lift your breasts are not so stiff anymore. The rope is loose and no longer stretch might feel more comfortable, but actually do not support the breast in a way that should be required during exercise

3. Did not measure your breast’s size for over a year.

Bra size can change quickly due to the reduction or weight gain, pregnancy, aging, or simply due to gravity. The right bra will help to provide a good buffer. If your sports bra already do not look tight, or you have not wear it for a long time, do not consider it still fit on your body. It is best if you measure your breasts every year to ensure the most appropriate size, so you get the best support and comfort .

If you currently have a special sports bra and want to make it more longer lasting, do some tips below:

* Wash only sports bra after 1-3 times of use, to remove sweat, dirt, and bacteria that can damage the material.

* Attach hook before you put it into the wash machine. However, it is best to wash them by hand, to prevent changes its shape in the cup.

* Once rinsed, Do not squeezed the bra. Hang it directly on the clothesline, or put on a towel to dry. Should not dry them in the dryer because the washer dryer can also damage the material. Do not use a clothes softener, it will coat the fabric and make the air can not get into the bra material.

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