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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Abdominal Exercise Equipment

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There are a number of popular models of  abdominal exercise equipment available in today’s fitness market. Some of these pieces of equipment, such as the Abcore Junior., are designed to solely focus on the abdominals and help you work at losing stubborn stomach fat and inches, bringing you one step closer to the defined stomach that you’ve always wanted.

The Abcore Junior in particular has features such as an adjustable seat and weights to ensure that everyone who may use it is exercising comfortably and can keep proper form throughout their entire workout. These machines are designed to insure that your body is working to its full potential without the risk of injury.

Still, some people will say that to achieve a strong flat stomach, no machine or equipment is required, and that you will find your equipment unused and stored away in only a few days.  They will say that daily sets of crunches and sit ups are all you need.  Floor crunches and sit-ups when done correctly can help to build abdominal strength this is true; however the majority of people who practice these exercises without equipment are performing them incorrectly and can actually be doing more harm than good.

Floor abdominal exercises vs Abdominal  exercise equipment

The other comparison between floor abdominal exercises and abdominal  exercise equipment is that the machine will give you various exercises to choose from, with each exercise focusing on a specific muscle group.  This allows you to pick and choose your daily routine, from a five minute work-out to a full hour of hardcore abdominal endurance. Varying exercises will also keep you interested and motivated. Floor exercises are not as effective in this way; you can do countless crunches a day, but only be working the same muscles repeatedly and all you will achieve after days of repetitive work-outs are feelings of boredom and frustration.

Both types of abdominal exercises can be effective, so do some research and visit your local gym to try out some equipment.  Purchasing a high-quality piece of abdominal equipment may be the best thing you’ve ever done for your body.

More information on the Abcore Junior Abdominal Machine at discounted prices can be found here!

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