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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Did you know the benefits of proper activewear for these activities?


A great deal of people worldwide have made jogging or walking their main or only form of exercise. These two activities strengthen both your bones and your heart. Runners and walkers burn calories and have lower blood pressure. If you choose to take up running or a daily walking routine, you will certainly be helping your body. Three great things about these two forms of exercise is that they are beneficial for your overall health, require virtually no skill, and can be done any time and any place. You cannot take the gym with you on business trips. When your family goes on vacation, you probably can’t take any home equipment with you. All you need is your legs. You know the benefits of jogging or running, but did you know the benefits of proper activewear for these activities?

Most jogging/walking apparel is made of lightweight polyester. Most importantly, you can now purchase activewear that has wicking in the fabric. This wicking pulls the moisture from your body as you sweat and is beneficial during all seasons. During the summer runs, your body will remain cooler; and during the winter run, the wicking will pull away the sweat and keep you warmer by doing so. Out of all the different activewear that is available, you could spend days searching athletic stores for attire suitable for you or you may do all of your researching and purchasing over the internet to save time and money.

Keeping in mind the material (as well as your surrounding environment) you may now decide what type or style of activewear will meet your needs. Jogging apparel has been specially designed for runners. Creators of this activewear have kept in mind the stress that such exercise can put on the human body. You may want to add a couple of lightweight jogging tees to your wardrobe for the summer months (and remember to keep the wicking in mind). During the winter, you will also want a long-sleeve top that has the moisture-pulling wick. Wear layers, especially in extremely cold locations. The thin wicking top should be next to your skin, then a middle layer (such as a fleece or sweat shirt), then finish with an outer layer. Nylon would be a good choice for the outer layer, as it can protect you against rain and wind.

Protect your hands and feet from the elements with mittens and thick socks that have a wick (there are several socks that protect runners/walkers from the elements and from blisters as well). During the summer, you may choose from a variety of lightweight shorts. You want the fabric to breathe and aid in protecting your thighs from heat rash. During your winter jogs, make sure that your legs are protected as well. Use the same guidelines for function and wicking when it comes to covering your legs. We lose about forty percent of our body heat through our heads, so keep yours warm during the winter. During the winter time, a good rule of thumb is to dress as if it is ten degrees warmer than it really is outside. You don’t want to sweat too much under a bunch of layers.

Walkers should follow the same guidelines as joggers when choosing activewear. No matter what the season, and no matter if you are a jogger or a walker, you may want to stay away from cotton (which tends to soak up moisture). Good shoes are also essential for runners and walkers. Do your research and know that this is one investment that can save you some aches and pains, as well preventing shin splints. Shoes should fit your feet properly and be specific to your needs (walking vs jogging). They should breathe well and be water resistant.

As far as styles go, it is possible to look good while walking/jogging. This is important for some people. Of all the activewear available, there are plenty of colors and styles/fashions to fit your wishes. Leggings, shorts, leotards, tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, shorts, fitted shorts, and much more can allow you to exercise in a fashionable way (if that is what you choose).

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