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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Adjustable Dumbbells

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Adjustable Dumbbells Vs. Fixed-Weight Dumbbells


Dumbbells are one versatile equipment used in weight lifting. Using only one set of these dumbbells, one can already workout the different muscle groups by performing different exercises along with them. Another good thing about dumbbells is they can be used not only by fitness enthusiasts and serious bodybuilders but even beginners as well since dumbbells are not intimidating to use. These dumbbells are used by lots of people when doing fitness workouts.
Individuals who choose to do workout at their own homes should definitely make it a point to have these dumbbells as having these during workouts is a great help. You can make your exercises a little more comfortable and versatile by having weight bench or exercise mat, however your dumbbell set should always be your priority. Dumbbells are classified into two types, the adjustable and the fixed dumbbells. So which do you feel is the best one?

Fixed-Weight Dumbbells

Most people will think of fixed-weight type of dumbbells at the mention of the word dumbbells. This type of dumbbells is the hand held type of weights with static weight that are not adjustable. These dumbbells are often purchased in sets and the individuals can perform several workouts that need different weight amounts and can then progress level by level as strength is gained.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable DumbbellsUsing adjustable dumbbells can allow the individual the use of the same dumbbell set and then adjust the weights. Several types of these adjustable dumbbells are available for purchase. There is one that is similar and has the same functions like the mini barbell. This allows the individual to change weights on the dumbbells’ ends, which are secured with clips.

Another type of this adjustable dumbbell is the one that allows change of weight right away by turning the dial or by shifting pin. This type comes in sets of different sizes. WIth this you can adjust weights from 5 pounds to 50 pounds on each pair. For serious weight lifter individuals they can purchase sets with weight ranges that are higher.

A great advantage of this second adjustable dumbbell type is the less space that the dumbbells need as compared to other types. There is no need for weight racks when storing one full weight set. This type is perfect for individuals living in places that do not have that much space, such as apartments.

If you prefer only the few size variations, choosing fixed-weight type of dumbbells is advisable because this type does not cost that much. However, if you like one full dumbbell set of good range, then you can consider using adjustable dumbbell type.

Adjustable Dumbbells – Advantages and Disadvantages

Doing workouts using dumbbells are considered highly effective and efficient and also extremely convenient. Nowadays, you can find both new dumbbell forms with design and old school type of dumbbells. The new dumbbells allow weight adjustment. You can immediately pull weight from a rack and start the workout right away. The system can definitely provide you many benefits. This does not mean though that the traditional dumbbells are already out and discarded.

Adjustable Dumbbells – PROS

This type can save lots of space. You only have to spare an area where you can put a rack system that is not that big. With this type there is no need cleaning up the place for any plates left lying around after you are done with the workout exercise.

This type can also save time. When it comes to using home dumbbell types you usually need to change plates every time you do a new exercise. However with adjustable dumbbell type, changing the plates is simpler and much quicker.

This type is decently made. The systems are pretty well-made, which is somewhat surprising and are not that flimsy like other cheap exercise products seen in commercials.

Adjustable Dumbbells – CONS

These dumbbells are quite expensive. It is better if you will purchase the whole dumbbell rack, which will be cheaper compared to buying dumbbells one by one. If you are planning of getting two new dumbbell handles with loose weight plates to address your every need then you will probably have it at a much cheaper rate. With this dumbbell type, you are basically paying for your convenience.

These dumbbells are limited when it comes to weight. With these dumbbells, some only have a maximum weight of 45 to 50 pounds. This limit is unfavorable for athletes or individuals training at home when it comes to building muscles. This weight limit may be sufficient for females, for youth trainings, and even elderly training, however there will always be a time when individuals will need much heavier weights. Other systems with higher weights are available, only that they are expensive.

These dumbbells are not considered as old school. The use of old school type of dumbbells is known as an old school way of training. Old school type of dumbbells are usually just handles that come with the plate weights. These dumbbells have been providing individuals results for many years now and have been proven effective. These new adjustable dumbbells are likely effective, however if you are feeling nostalgic and prefer old school trainings, then you will not probably feel any excitement or even motivation in using adjustable dumbbells. Having the motivation and the needed excitement are important key elements for a successful training program.

Buying Guide for Adjustable Dumbbells

CAP-Barbell-Neoprene-Dumbbell-Set-with-Rack-0-2If you are up to buying a new dumbbell set to be used at home you can go directly to the equipment stores. It is important that you visit the store that can provide you trustworthy and reliable equipment. You also have to choose the one that can offer you a long warranty for product malfunction. Be sure to determine the weight ranges that are considered perfect for your need as well as the workout that you need to do with the product. You will definitely like the choices because of their availability in wide array and of various costs.

If you are considering of purchasing slightly used dumbbells, you may visit sites in the net dedicated to selling used or pre-owned exercise equipment. The net can provide you several choices. However you need to be very careful as well when buying used equipment. It would be best to see the equipment first before you decide to purchase one. It would be a big plus and an advantage on your side if you choose equipment which still have warranty.

Aside from going to physical stores or logging into the net to look for dumbbells that are slightly used, you can also check your local newspaper, specifically in the local classifieds.

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