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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Benefits Of Resistance Training Exercises

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Resistance training is a great way to workout our muscles with the help of weights, resistance bands or actual body weight. When people hear this, they immediately jump to the conclusion that it would lead to a body like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s not entirely true. It will help you get bigger muscles but resistance training is also called strength training because it actually aims to improve your strength. There are actually several benefits that you can get from resistance training other than just great muscles.

Benefits Of Resistance Training ExercisesIncreasing the mineral density of the bones is one the main benefits of resistance training. As we age, our bones continuously undergo a process known as remodeling where the bones build up while tissues break down but his process is a lot less active after puberty and much less when we are older. This causes our bone mineral density to decrease. Resistance training helps put some stress on your bones to stimulate remodeling and produces hormones that support the increase of bone mineral density. And since it also makes our muscles strong, together with our strong bones our overall strength improves giving us the ability to do more tasks at the lesser effort.

Muscle mass also increases with resistance training other than just muscle getting stronger and muscle mass constantly needs a supply of energy even while at rest. This means that any fat that you have stored will be used to supply that energy to your muscles. Yes, resistance training helps you burn body fat. This lets the muscles you have toned to surface and become more visible. Studies have also shown that your glucose tolerance improves reducing the risk of diabetes. Your heart actually benefits from this type of exercise as well. Because it lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, resistance training can also prevent certain heart diseases. This is why older people should also do some resistance training because it not only keeps their hearts healthy but it also helps slow down the degenerative effects of aging.

It is important especially for older people and those who have a medical condition or are overweight to consult with a doctor first before doing anything. This is an exercise that you should not jump into because you need to have the right equipment and your body has to be in the condition to do this training. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Exercise is a recommended physical activity because of its many benefits. Always remember that you need to increase the intensity of the workout if it starts to get really easy so you can get the benefits your body needs and the results that you want.

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