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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Best workout routine! Is it scam?

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I am am not going to tell you what the best workout routine is due to one simple reason – there is NO “best workout routine”.

what is best workout routineThere are so many so called health experts out on the market today claiming to have the “best workouts and fitness tips”, but hopefully this post will help you being able to get through the fitness jungle.

In order for any workout routine to be the best workout routine it has to live up to some specific standards:

  • First of all a “best workout routine” MUST match perfectly with your goals/purpose.
  • Then it must include exercises that match up your current exercise skills.
  • A best workout routine also have to match up with your current physical state of being.
  • It pull you away from any potential injuries or out of any current injuries.
  • Another important thing is that it has match your daily schedule so it can easily be implemented into your daily life.
  • Any “best workout routine” MUST be motivating for you.
  • … and the list goes on and on.

When taking a look at all the things listed above, it gets very clear that any “best workout routine” is based on the individual person. So the workout program that your neighbor is doing might not match up with your goals and may even contain certain body weight exercises that are any not good for you. This clearly makes it very hard to design the perfect bodyweight training, so what do you do then. Well you should take a deeper look into each program you find and try to figure out the level of knowledge the creator has. A very skilled person will know that the body is a 3D organism that needs to be balanced out and kept in balance. If the creator is someone who has no real education of understanding the body I would recommend that you simply just stay away from that program.

So how do you decide if a workout program is worth spending time and money on?

First of all it must contain a full body workout. Your body is an integrated system and when you move around you are using several muscles at the same time. This is how your body works, so exercises should be created around that fact. When looking for the best workout routine for you, you need to make sure that it includes the 7 basic movement patterns. These movement patterns is how you use your body when performing any daily task.

  1. Gait (walk/run/sprint): This seems obvious. We need to be able to move around and we do so by walking or running. When walking or running you are actually using muscles all the way from your feet, up through your core and all the way up to your head. Nothing is left out.
  2. Squat: You may or may not know the exercise “squat”. Squat really is just a fancy term of sitting down and getting up again. This movement involves all your muscles around your thigh, but, core, lower back and upper back (sometimes also your shoulders and arms depending on the “squat version”)
  3. Lunge: You use this pattern whenever you have to step over something or reach out for something where you also move one of your feet out. A great example is tennis when you step out with one leg getting ready to hit the ball. The lunge patters includes all your muscles around your thigh, but, hip, core, lower back (just to mention the major ones)
  4. Push: You use this pattern whenever you push anything away from your body. The best example might be a simple push up. When performing push pattern exercises you are using all the muscles around your shoulder girdle including your pectorals, deep shoulder stabilizers, deltoids and you get a great hit on your triceps (and oblique abdominals if performing single arm pushes). Depending on the chosen exercise you will also get a good and solid ab workout. In order for you to perform the push pattern you HAVE TO use your core and abdominals to make your upper body stabile. If you upper body is not stabile your ability to push will be decreased since your shoulder girdle does not have a solid foundation to work from.
  5. Pull: The pull pattern is just opposite the push pattern. So whenever you pull something you use this pattern. Let´s take tree climbing as an example. When you grab a branch above you, you are pulling yourself up by using the pull pattern. This pattern involves the entire back of your shoulder girdle and you biceps. Besides that you have to use your core to provide stability for your shoulder girdle. Depending on the exercise version, you may even end up using your hip, glutes and legs as well.
  6. Twist: This is simply just rotation of your body. You use this pattern any time you turn around for something. This pattern is often included in both the push and pull pattern. When loading your twist pattern you must use your core, oblique abdominals and posterior oblique muscle sling. Depending on the choice of exercise you might even get at solid workout of your arms and legs at the same time.
  7. Bend: This last pattern is the bend pattern. You have already guessed what this pattern is all about – bending. This pattern really involves 2 sets of movements. The first one is flexion, which is what you do when do ab crunches or bending forward to pick something up from the floor. The second one is extension, which is what you do when doing back extensions or getting up again after bending forward.

In my opinion, any great workout routine has to include all these movement patterns for it to even be considered “the best workout routine”. By ensuring that it includes all these movements, chances are much higher that the program will be beneficial for your, since you will use your body in the most natural way. Of course there are other factors, but this is one of the major and important ones.

I hope this makes a lot of sense to you if you are trying to figure out which is the best at home workouts, for you and generally looking for a great workout without equipment.

If you want to get a better understanding of the 7 movement patterns, simply do some Google or Youtube searches, but please don´t fall for the “best workout routine” statement.

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