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Body weight exercises for women


Far too many women focus only on cardiovascular exercise when they are trying to stay fit. However, in some ways, the best body weight exercises for women are going to be even more important than the best body weight exercises for men. Women are at a high risk for osteoporosis, and the best body weight exercises for women can help ward off this dreaded illness. Strength-training exercises are valuable for women who are interested in maintaining their muscle mass in general with age. People tend to gradually lose muscle mass with age in general, and strength-training exercises can help people hold onto what they have, which they will never regret.

The best body weight exercises for women won’t require any additional equipment, which makes them that much more cost-effective and convenient. Far too many people are forced to pay overwhelming gym membership fees in order to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. However, there is nothing magical about gyms. People can tone those exact same muscles in any way and in any location. Many body weight exercises can be done at home with no equipment or tools whatsoever. People can simply use what they have, where they have it.

body weight exercises for women

Top Ten Best Body Weight Exercises for Women

  • One: One great body weight exercise that tones several different muscle groups at once involves getting into a seated position and then extended one’s legs forward, maintaining one’s balance by engaging the abdominal muscles. Then, people can turn slightly to one side and move their arms back and forth as if they’re jogging, while still holding seated position that engages their abdominal muscles. They should go to one side and then to the other. Doing about five repetitions of this exercise on either side will allow people to strengthen their backs, their legs, and their abdominal muscles all at the same time.
  • Two: People who are looking for a less challenging exercise that is still nonetheless effective can stand up straight with their legs hip-width apart. They can then extend their arms outward and rotate them in circles for about thirty seconds, and then they can rotate their arms in the other direction for another thirty seconds. This exercise will actually burn more calories than many other body weight exercises for women, and it will still manage to tone the arms and the legs.
  • Three: For most body weight exercises involving the floor, women will only need to purchase a simple exercise mat. If their homes have clean, carpeted surfaces, they may not even need to do that. One good example of a body weight mat exercise involves people resting on their abdomens, and then raising their legs and arms off the floor after extending them forward. Holding that position strengthens the abdominal muscles, and extending one’s arms and legs in that manner helps strengthen the muscles in that area.
  • Four: Women can strengthen their abdominal muscles and their back muscles by lying flat on their backs and raising their hips and legs off the ground, keeping their legs in a bent position all the while. This will also help women tone their posterior muscles.
  • Five: Women can turn to their sides, balancing on one arm with the other arm extended in the air, and they will tone their legs, their arms, and their side abdominal muscles.
  • Six: One great body weight exercise involves bending one leg forward and resting on the balls of the other foot, while raising two dumbbells in the air with one’s arms bent. Women will tone their legs and their arms this way.
  • Seven: Some body weight exercises are very simple indeed. Women can tone their legs, their arms, and their abdominal muscles by getting into a push-up position and simply holding it for an extended period of time without actually doing a push-up.
  • Eight: Women can strengthen their legs, their abdominal muscles, their arms, and their backs by resting on the palms of their hands and their heels, and raising their hips in the air as high as they can.
  • Nine: Some exercises look easier than they are. Women can stand up straight with their arms in the air extended forward, and then raise one leg slightly, allowing them to tone their abdominal muscles and their legs.
  • Ten: Women can tone their leg muscles and their arms by raising their arms in the air into a bent position, leaning forward, and bending their legs only slightly. The position will allow them to tone their posterior muscles more easily as well.

There are plenty of great workout plans for women out there, which will include some of the best body weight exercises for women. Women can choose the body weight exercises that they’re comfortable with, and they can set up their own personalized exercise plans accordingly.

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