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Body Weight Leg Exercises

Benefits of Body Weight Leg Exercises

Body weight building has numerous health benefits, particularly body weight leg exercises. People who strengthen the muscles in their legs will be able to look after their joints as they age, enjoying longer periods of mobility in the process. They will also manage to strengthen their bones in general, which will also help them stay mobile for longer.

People who do these sorts of body weight leg exercises will be less likely to experience fractures or breaks as they get older as well. Body weight leg exercises can help people stay young and healthy. Naturally, people will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of having stronger legs in the meantime. People with stronger legs will have better endurance during exercise, and they will often be able to run faster and stand for longer. Body weight leg exercises will help people in many different ways.

Top Ten Best Body Weight Leg Exercises

  • One: One of the best full-body body weight leg exercises involves standing up straight with one’s legs hip-width apart, and then bending down. At that point, people should touch the floor with their fingertips and then gradually move their arms forward until they can step back into a push-up position. Once they’re in that push-up position, they can then gradually move forward with their legs and feet until their legs and hands meet again. Doing between five and six repetitions of this exercise can strengthen the legs.
  • Two: Some people can use their stairs and dumbbells in new ways in order to strengthen their legs. People can walk up and down stairs or individual steps while doing bicep curls. They will strengthen their arms and their legs in the process. This exercise requires a certain degree of coordination, but people will gradually get the hang of it as long as they go slowly at first.
  • Three: One interesting body weight leg exercise involves sitting without a chair. People can rest their backs against the wall, as they gradually ease into a seated position with their knees bent and their legs hip-width apart. Holding that position for around sixty seconds will usually suffice. Some people might add bicep curls into the mix, which will put more pressure on the legs, thus strengthening them further and creating more of a challenge.
  • Four: Another great body weight leg exercise involves standing with one’s legs hip-width apart and raising one leg in the air before bending over with one’s back flat. People should then repeat the same exercise with the other leg. This exercise has the benefit of strengthening one’s abdominal muscles at the same time.
  • Five: Some of the best body weight exercises for the legs are the simplest. For instance, people can squat with their upper legs parallel to the ground and their arms extended forward, also parallel to the ground. The people who perform this exercise will be able to strengthen their calf muscles as well as their upper thigh muscles.
  • Six: One great body weight exercise involves crouching down and then extending one leg outward, balancing on the remaining crouched leg and extending one’s arms for balance. This exercise will strengthen one’s abdominal muscles, which should be clenched for the sake of balance, as well as one’s calves.
  • Seven: People can also strengthen their calf muscles and their abdominal muscles by extending one leg back, balancing on the balls of that food, and keeping the other leg bent. They will partly balance using their abdominal muscles, and stretch and strengthen both legs in the process.
  • Eight: People can start another great exercise by lying on the ground and raising themselves off the ground by balancing on their forearms and flexing their leg muscles by balancing on the balls of their feet. People will tone their leg muscles and the muscles of their posteriors at the same time.
  • Nine: One great body weight exercise involves getting oneself into a diagonal position relative to the ground and balancing on one hand, with the other hand at one’s back. People can strengthen their calf muscles and their legs this way.
  • Ten: Sometimes, adding weight can change everything. People can squat while raising dumbbells above their heads, and in the process, they will strengthen their legs even further because of the added weight.

Body Weight Leg Exercises and Workout Plans

Many of the best body weight leg exercises will strengthen other parts of the body as well, which makes them even more valuable. People who try a wide variety of body weight leg exercises will be that much more likely to strengthen their legs properly. They will also avoid problems with boredom and burnout more easily.

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