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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Childhood Obesity And The Statistics

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Childhood ObesityObesity has caused a lot of issues with the public in America. Childhood obesity statistics collected throughout the years reveal the increasing situation of overweight children in the country. There are more and more health experts trying to solve the issue by carrying out various programs for obese children, etc but unfortunately the situation is likely to decrease in the following years.

Children are the most hit area when it comes to obesity. According to childhood obesity statistics, if the parents of the child have been obese when they were small, the child has almost an 80% chance of being the same.

Recent surveys carried out to collect childhood obesity statistics show that around 20% of children, accounting to more than 10 million of the total population, are obese. These children are of the age category 6 to 19 years old. In addition to this, there were around 15% of children who were considered to be at risk of being overweight.

If you check for childhood obesity statistics each year, you’d notice how the results double or triple over time. Many parents disregard these results and continue to ignore the facts underlying the issue.

Obesity causes a lot of problems to the person who suffers from it. It can affect them as well as the people around them. If you are an obese person, your situation can have an adverse effect on your work life and increase your health insurance among many other things.

It’s true that each year the childhood obesity statistics we see seems to keep increasing, showing negative results all the time. As parents and the public, what can we do to minimize this situation? One thing that anyone can do is try to understand the health and mental state the child is in.

Being obese can result in a child receiving looks from passer by’s making him or her feel self-conscious. Sometimes parents tend to scold the child for being overweight as they simply keep on eating without a limit. An over-indulgence in food is actually a habit obese children have. Scolding them is definitely not a good step. Instead of doing this, taking corrective measures such as finding a healthier and safe way to reduce their weight could be sought.

The above cannot be done in a jiffy. Improvements can be seen only by changes done on a gradual basis. Keeping a close eye on your child’s health conditions, their progress in losing weight, etc can be done. All these will help in eliminating your child’s place on a childhood obesity statistics chart.

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