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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Common Workout Mistakes

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One warm-up mistake is the neck roll. Rolling the neck will rub and grind together the axis vertebrae of the neck. This will adversely affect the spine. In stretching the neck, there are only three different ways to do it. First, move the head forward and backward. Second, twist your neck to the left and right. And third, lean your head close to the shoulder, first to the right shoulder and then next to the left shoulder.

Common Workout MistakesAnother common mistake when warming up is throwing the arms back behind the body. This abrupt motion will weaken the ligaments at the shoulder joints. The hyper-extension will eventually rip apart the pectoral muscles. To safely and properly warm-up the arms and shoulders, circular motions are effective. And in all exercises, controlled and deliberate movements must be done.

Doing a bunny hop is another mistake. This strains the knees and will lead to fatal injuries. The best way to warm-up the knees is to use circular motions. These motions must be coming from the hips and ankles while the knees are locked in a slight bend. Knee bounces are fine as long as you know what you are doing. That is, you do not overextend.

Yanking your body is a big mistake. For example, in back stretches, some people who are trying to bring their head towards the right knee will hold the right leg and use this hold as leverage to pull the upper torso closer and lower. This will not add to a person’s flexibility. It will only force the muscles to shorten themselves. And this can be excruciatingly painful. The best way to warm-up and do back stretches is to go as far as your upper body can go and then hold this position for about six seconds. Your head may not go as far as you want it to be, but be patient about it. Eventually, you will achieve the ability of a contortionist if you do all your stretching exercises the right way.

In a hurdle stretch, the common mistake of people is to stretch their bodies too far that the hip of the leg being stretched is lifted off the floor. A lifted hip is a sign that there is overstretching. Again, the best way to go is to move your body as far as it can and hold the position.

Sitting back between the legs should be done only by people who have achieved superior suppleness. This position should be avoided by beginners because this would the damage the ligaments of both knees.

We hope that by knowing these mistakes, you will have a safer warm-up exercise.

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