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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Discover Abdominal Weight Loss Secrets

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Is abdominal fat troubling you? Do you desire abdominal weight loss so that you can show off in your desired sexy clothes? Well, the good news is that you can! But first, do not get too troubled with it because it is a very common problem. Technology advancement has made us human beings lazier and use less energy. As a consequence, people get fatter and fatter, especially around the waistline.

The abdomen is the common place where fats pile on. The other common areas for women are in the back thighs and triceps and men in the chest. Unfortunately, accumulation of fats in these areas makes dressing unattractive, so now, more and more people are getting aware of weight gain and are finding for solutions to that problem.

No Such Thing As, Just Train The Abs.

Unfortunately, abdominal weight loss cannot happen by just doing sport reduction, meaning just by training the abs. Many people have thought by doing crunches and abs exercise can help you get a six-pack but they are all wrong. This is because crunches cannot help burn the fat and water that stands between the abs and the skin!

For abdominal weight loss, you have to do lots of cardio, get on a weight loss diet and do weight training. Basically, you have to get on an all round weight loss program that targets the entire bodys fat. Only by this way, you can lose fat in the abdominals and get a flat stomach with nice six-packs!

This does not mean that you should not do abs exercises at all. Abs exercise should definitely be a crucial part of your weight loss program because these exercises can help tone up the stomach region, giving them a solid look. Not only that, with a stronger abdominal wall, you can perform other exercises better. This will in turn help you burn more body fat!

Cardio Secrets For Abdominal Weight Loss Revealed.

For a significant body fat loss, shoot for a minimum of 3 times of cardio per week and a recommended of 4-5 times a week and a session should last around 30-45 minutes depending on the intensity. Do you cardio in the range of 75 % to 85% of your maximum heart rate.

To calculate your maximum heart rate, take 220 your age and then minus your resting heart rate. From that value, multiply in the percentages and then add back the resting heart rate. That will be the range that you should be doing your cardio in.

For a good start, try to shoot for 300 calories per session and if possible, do your cardio in the mornings; this will really boost your fat loss. To maximize your abdominal weight loss, try using weight loss supplements like Hydroxycut and Xenadrine. For more natural versions, try using Pro Shape Rx, which throws in a free online weight training program too.

The other very important factor in abdominal weight loss is dieting. This is crucial because without a proper dieting plan, you can never display a nice set of abs, unless you have a super high metabolism. There are many types of diets out there that say that you can lose lots of body fat in a short time but nonetheless, for these diets to work, they have to make your calorie intake lower that you calorie output. The most important part in choosing your diet is to find the diet that suits you lifestyle best.

Last but not least, an excellent abdominal weight loss program must include weight training. Weight training can help increase you body muscles mass and hence increases you metabolic rate. With an increase in body metabolic rate, your body is more efficient in burning body fat because muscles are living tissues and uses calories to survive. The suggested minimum requirement for weight training to maintain strength and muscle mass is 2 times per week.

Bottom line for abdominal weight loss is that you must include cardio, dieting and weight training together with your abs exercise. There is no such thing as spot reduction.

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