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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Dumbbell Set Weights

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Choosing the Right Dumbbell Weights

Choosing the Right Dumbbell WeightsWhen selecting the perfect dumbbell weights set, you should start by testing different dumbbell set sizes to check or try their weight. In testing the weight, you must ensure that you test using your right and left arms as many individuals have stronger arms on the right compared to their left arms. Begin testing the size of the dumbbell’s lowest or lightest weight then continue with the heavier weights. If you are inexperienced in performing weight lifting activities, you should not try the ones with heavy weights for it might cause you injury.

After testing, you can already have an idea which weight your body can lift properly. Choose a specific dumbbell with an average range then perform 10-15 repetitions on it. The appropriate exercises or workouts that you will perform will be based on the muscles that you plan to enhance; therefore, you should perform the specific exercises you already have in your mind. Just remember that you should maintain a balance on the different exercises to keep it fit for your body. Thus you might be required to buy weight sets of different range for each workout that you will perform.

After the repetitions have been successfully completed, you can already decide if the weight suits you or not. If you find it too easy to lift the dumbbell then the weight you have chosen might be too light for your body. When you experience difficulty in lifting the dumbbell or have stressed your muscles, the weight is very heavy. A weight must allow you to perform 10 up to 15 sets of repetitions with muscle wear and difficulty.

Exercising using dumbbell allows tearing of your muscles to develop and make them stronger and bigger. Muscle tearing may sound painful, however this is necessary if you prefer to undergo an effective workout that your body will benefit from. As your body’s muscle cells tear, they develop and grow back stronger; thus, you achieve bigger muscles. When purchasing dumbbell weight set, you must bear in mind that as your body becomes stronger, you will then be required to continue purchasing dumbbell of heavier weights to enable you to continue developing your muscles. Investing on weights can be costly however the benefits that you will get from it will be worth the price.

Buying Guide for Dumbbell Sets

In making an effort to be healthy and fit regularly, dumbbells set is considered to be indispensable among the exercise tools or equipments. Dumbbells enable your right and left arms to be exercised with same stress applied. When the lifting of dumbbells turns into a routine exercise; then you must add weight to improve your body’s strength. The normal range of dumbbell weights is from 1 kg up to 12 kgs.

The dumbbells must possess the following:

• Nice grips – The dumbbell should have pad made of gels to protect you from getting painful blisters everytime you are performing weight lifting exercises. Blisters can affect your workout routine thus, you must ensure that the dumbbells you are using have comfortable and nice grips.

• Refrain from selecting dumbbell sets with ends that are rounded – This dumbbell tends to roll away easily when placed on a slanted surface, resulting to injuries or accidents. Dumbbells having octagonal or hexagonal ends are considered to be more attractive and they do not roll away easily on cabinets or racks.

There are variety of dumbbell sets you can choose from:

• Based on the type of weight training that you prefer to have –

• Fixed-weight type dumbbells for routine exercises
• Heavy-weight type dumbbells for weight-gain aims, which are more aggressive exercises

• Based on way of living –

• Aqua type dumbbells are for those who are into outdoor activities or traveling a lot. This dumbbell perfectly fits bags and suitcases. This dumbbell can be used easily by specific quantity of water to fill both ends; then, you can already start performing your exercises.

• Some dumbbells are pretty expensive while some are affordable. As a general rule, the more pricy a product is, the greater quality it possesses.
• For serious type of weight-lifting exercises, you must purchase dumbbells of high quality
• For therapeutic and casual exercises, you can just go for more affordable dumbbells

After taking all of these factors into consideration it is still the appropriate price that really matters. Patiently searching for excellent dumbbell sets on different shops will enable you to find a dumbbell at a reasonable cost.

Chrome Dumbbell Replacement Weights

Sunny Health and Fitness 33 Pound Chrome Dumbbell set
Sunny Health and Fitness 33 Pound Chrome Dumbbell set

Among the different weight lifting tools, dumbbell set is the most flexible tools. You can use it to develop your chest, back, shoulders, and legs together with your biceps. Chrome type dumbbell is a kind of dumbbell set that is famous. One type of chrome dumbbell is solid chrome, which is in single weight and typically includes sets with progressing weights. Another type of chrome is metal bar that has a collar, small chrome plates with locks and weights on both ends that are increasing. These small plate can be interchanged as your workout on different muscles begins to progress.

The replacement for chrome dumbbell weight are available in varying sizes. The selection of plates is based on what you plan to achieve. Chrome dumbbell is a perfect choice because of its glossy look and durability, making it look all home gym. You can just swap the plates and decrease or increase the weight by just spinning the small lock on both ends. For most individuals, simple dumbbell set is the only tool they need to have an excellent workout. For those individuals who are planning to include exercise in their daily routine but have no budget for enrolling in gyms or no spare space in their homes for a gym, you can just purchase a nice set then place them easily in a cabinet or in a niche of their house.

Although it is believed by many that exercise is the best fat burner method, weight training has more benefits to offer. By developing your muscles, you are enhancing your body metabolism, thus enabling your body to work even when at rest. Muscles can give additional shape to your body as well, compared to performing cardio workout only. Two individuals are on a sofa where one possesses more muscles than fats while the other possesses more fats than muscles. Both of them weigh 150 lbs and have 5’8” height. When you look at them, they appear to be similar however inside, the individual who possesses more muscles than fats burns more fats even when he is just sitting. If both of them will stand up, the individual with more muscles have better body shape. Say after a year, if both of them will eat similar amount of food without doing any exercise, the person having more muscles will have lesser weight and fats because of this fat burning mechanism even when he is at rest.

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