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Enell Sports Bra

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The woman with larger breasts, needs a bra which can support her bust without compromising the great look that she wants. Just because a woman is large-busted, does not mean that she can not be serious about being a good athlete. Many women in the past have had to wear two bras to get the support they needed, but now the Enell sports bra is the answer for all those women.

Enell Sports Bra

With the Enell sports bra, you will find that there is absolutely no bounce, your breasts are completely secure, so that even the hardest training that you want to do, is now possible for you. They are made of 90% nylon and 10% lycra, which means that the bra is not too heavy to wear.

Because of this material, your perspiration is wicked away from your body, helping you remain cool, but also allowing you the strength that you need in a good bra. You will find that this bra will last a good long time and the color remains the same, wash after wash.

If you need an Enell sports bra for strenuous high impact aerobics, then you should select the size that fits you best. If your exercise is more moderate, and you prefer to wear your bra every day, then you should select one in one size larger, to be more comfortable.

The Enell sports bra has an easy front closing, and when you are stretching, it will not ride up on you. The material is strong, but it also feels soft against your skin. If you are concerned about your clothing clinging to your bra, that will not happen. You will have a nice sleek look.

There is extra support in the back, to help keep your back from hurting, from the extra weight that larger breasts could cause. Even after a strenuous work-out, the perspiration will not make the Enell Sports Bra stretch out of shape. The colors include beige, black, ecru, along with pink and white.

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