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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Exercise Options for Students

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For the mind to be strong, the body must also be strong

After hours of burning mental energy due to studying, physical exercise is needed for the body and mind to function at their peak. But with the phasing out of high school gym class and the absence of parents reminder to get moving, how can one remain fit in college?

Emphasis on exercise is already known. Thomas Jefferson once wrote that success in academics requires a person giving two hours daily exercising in order that health will not be compromised for studies. For the mind to be strong, the body must also be strong.

student doing ExerciseThere are a lot of options for exercising in college. The facilities should be taken advantage of in order that something new can be tried out. Here are some simple suggestions to keep the body going:

Work out at the gym. The gym offers a great opportunity to remove stress from school pressures. A pool or yoga classes may provide some options at the college gym.

Hit the road. With comfortable working shoes, the track oval can be used for jogging or riding a bike or trying out in-line skates.
Head to the court – or the green. Many schools have facilities for tennis, racquetball or squash and some have golf courses. Classes and lessons are usually offered. It can also provide an opportunity for meeting other players.

Join the club. Opportunities for playing team sports are plenty even if NCAA competition level has not been reached.
Take a hike. Outdoor recreation clubs of many schools allow hiking equipments to be borrowed by students for individual or group outings. They even organize trips or conduct lessons. Volunteering to lead a student group in hiking or outdoor activities may also be a good alternative.

Too much exercise may be possible and bad. Overexercise may lead to the straining of joints and weakening of the muscles, increasing risks of injury. Be attentive for any signals from the body when working out. It gives reminders when the body has been pushed to the limit or strained too much. Likewise, the body wears down when enough time for recuperation between workouts is not given. To give muscles time to relax and repair themselves, a day off after a strenous workout is recommended by many fitness experts and trainers.

Focus on getting balanced nutrition must be given in order to boost the benefits of proper exercise, drink enough water to eliminate dehydration and getting adequate sleep. These are important in staying healthy physically and mentally.

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