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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Fitness Routines for Women to Get a Great Body Quickly

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by Chris Tan

Are you thinking of losing weight for a better-looking body? Women’s fitness routines may be the key to helping you lose weight quickly. No pills or diet tea can help you if you are not going to put in some effort for your own health and body. Since it’s your body, it’s your call.

The women of today live a hustle and bustle lifestyle that leaves them no time for anything extra. For this reason, time is the number complaint as to why women fail at exercise routines. In addition, it places an emphasis on the quick fix of diet pills and teas which can be harmful and generally don’t work. To achieve the much desired ‘quick result” women need to adopt specific exercise routines.

High-Intensity Workouts.

The amount of intensity used in your workout, whether it is cardio or weight training will determine the number of calories burned as well as the amount of weight loss you experience. If a woman jogs for five days a week, she will lose less weight and burn fewer calories than a woman who jogs for only three days a week. This is a perfect example of how intensity affects the body and your workout.

To implement high intensity here is an example. Instead of long distance jogging, replace with short sprints and a rest after. The act of long distance jogging does not allow the heart rate to increase as much as the short sprints. Implementing high intensity into your workout will allow you to achieve greater success in less time.

Training with Weights.

Uses weights in your workout routine increases the intensity of the workout, thereby increasing your metabolism. In addition, weight training intensity increases the metabolism for a whole 24 hours.

Try combining both cardio exercises and weight training exercises into your fitness routines and you will notice results almost instantly! Although it seems like loads of hard work, just picture yourself seeing changes in your body every week.

Healthy Diet.

Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats ingested by the body determine the way your body will look. Adopting a healthy diet is another great step to achieving your fitness goals.

To see results quickly, implement a strict healthy diet into your fitness routine. Here are some suggestions.

Eating foods high in protein rather than carbohydrates is the best way to see results. Proteins allow your body to feel full for longer while carbohydrates create excess energy that the body will store, thus creating fat.

Eat smaller meals. This is one way to boost your metabolism without even having to exercise. By eating multiple small meals, your body will be tricked into thinking that you are consuming a lot more food. Hence, it will work doubly hard for you. This is also the reason why starving diets do not work. Starving diets cause your metabolism to work less in order to store more energy for your future needs.

Chris Tan is a fitness enthusiast and featured writer on where he shares his experience about Woman Fitness Equipment and Exercises to Keep Fit for Woman.

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