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Flat Stomach Exercises For Losing Stomach Fat

Toning the transverse abdominals will result in a flat stomach as well as a tighter, slimmer waistline.

In order to get a flat stomach, the “core” must be targeted, which includes the transverse abdominals. These muscles are often used without people realizing it. For example, the simple act of holding-in the stomach requires the transverse abs, as do lunges, which require a straight back through tightening of the transverse abdominals.

Pelvic tiltsPelvic tilts are a good flat stomach exercise that tones the abdominals. To do this exercise, one lies on the floor with the back pressed against the floor. The knees are then bent with the feet remaining flat on the floor. The pelvis should then be lifted up and held before slowly lowering it back to lie flat on the floor.

scissor kicksAnother good flat-stomach exercise is scissor kicks. Again, while lying on the floor, the hands are placed under the gluteus with the back pressed flat against the floor. First, one leg is raised approximately eight to ten inches from the floor and slowly lowered back down. As the first leg is lowered, the second copies the first leg’s movement up and down. A third useful flat-stomach exercise is to again lie flat on the floor and focus on the navel as though a string has been threaded through it and is drawing it downward. While keeping the position of the navel being drawn down to the floor, inhale and exhale. This will build strength around the waist. All of these exercises should be done with a minimum of ten repetitions each day.

Exercises For Losing Stomach Fat

Exercises For Losing Stomach FatThere are many exercises that can be done that aids in losing stomach fat. Some of the more popular exercises include crunches, sit-ups, leg-ups, and the bicycle. These exercises have been around for years and are effective ways of losing that unwanted stomach fat. As with every exercise routine before conducting it you should consult your doctor. You won’t want to start off with any routine by over exerting yourself, so always start slowing and then gradually increase the intensity until you can achieve peak performance.

If you are unsure how to conduct any of these exercises, you’ll find that a simple search online will give you the results you are looking for. There are many websites that provide detailed diagrams and step by step information on how to effectively conduct each exercise routine. In most cases you’ll find that a combination of each exercise is the best way to achieve maximum results. Do not overlook the true power of these exercises, and each will help in toning and firming your muscles. Once your abdominals have become more tense and strong, you’ll be able to burn more calories which will aid in shedding the fat around your stomach.

Cardio exercises also help with the loss of stomach fat along with stretching. You can perform a variety of cardio exercises such as skipping, jogging on the spot that will help in giving you cardio endurance and the up and down motion will help burn the calories which can help with fat loss. Always keep in mind that it’s not just the toning and strengthening of the abdominal muscles that will shed the fat from your stomach but that actual cardio exercises help burn the fat as well. Once you have a set routine that combines both the strengthening and toning of your abdominals along with cardio exercises you will start to see your desired results.

There are several great books, dvd’s and fitness products on the market that will help you with stomach exercises for losing stomach fat.

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