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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Important Healthy Foods Save You From The Rumen And Abdominal Fat

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Healthy FoodsOf course, the dream of all women are get rid of belly fat or rumen, and get on the skin taut attractive and healthy, without tuck or threaded white sorghum, and perhaps turn some to practice sports abdominal different without result remember or satisfactory, this assures you nutrition experts that to get the body limber and healthy can not be achieved without effective Diet foods useful help to reduce the weight and fat loss, especially in the abdominal area.

In this article, the most useful foods that will help you doubt the loss of abdominal fat and rumen.

Vegetables, dark green leafy

Do not help those vegetables in the loss of abdominal fat, but also help in the treatment of constipation and swelling of the stomach, make sure the presence of lettuce, celery, spinach, watercress and parsley in a diet, because it contains many vitamins and minerals important for your body, without the presence of any calories big out.

Eat almonds

You can add it to the Authority, or eaten as is, and you’re watching TV, where it does not help never on the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and around, but you should eat almonds for its usefulness big on your skin, because it contains vitamin A and protein, as it is rich in fiber, which limit you feel hungry. Eat a small handful of almonds a day as a small meal between breakfast and lunch.


Helps oats doubt on weight loss, as it also helps in reducing the fat around the abdominal area, for this we recommend you to take a quantity of oats in the morning with a cup of skim milk, he is working on the fullness of the stomach and helps you feel full longer, also gives your body the energy required during the today.


Beans help you lose belly fat and rumen because they contain a protein that helps in strengthening the muscles and fibers important, as they do not contain high calories, this feels satiety quickly without that increase your weight.

Olive oil

Oils may help you lose weight! Yes Valziot may help you lose weight if they contain unsaturated fats, which overcomes the sense of hunger, for this we recommend eating olive oil, especially because it contains oleic acid, which works to break down body fat, and reduces your cholesterol significantly.
Herb mint

Mint important herbs that help in the treatment of flatulence, and help the digestive system to function better, so do not forget to add 3 cups of delicious mint drink to your diet without any extras.

Apple cider vinegar

Pour off the lingering toxins in your body eating apple cider vinegar, it helps you get rid of the bacteria found in the intestinal tract, they also save you from excess water accumulated in the body, and also save you from abdominal fat. Put drops of apple cider vinegar in your meal or with a green salad.


Tomato of the most important foods that fight abdominal fat and rumen and help you get rid of them, and save you from swollen stomach and water accumulated in the body, they also contain protein hormone “leptin,” which regulates the rates of digestion and appetite levels.


The berries contain a large proportion of antioxidants, as well as vitamin C, which rids the body of unwanted fluids, for this help berries get rid of flatulence and fats, the rumen. Eat a daily glass of cranberry juice in the morning.

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