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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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How LGD-4033 will improve your trx exercises

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LGD -4033 is also called as Ligandrol which is a renowned testosterone supplement booster that works with the help of a selective androgen receptor modulatore or SARM.So,here is everything that you need to know about LGD-4033

What is LGD-4033

The LGD-4033 is a SARM which means a selective androgen receptor modulator which is popularly used by bodybuilders and also athelets for bulking and cuttine.The doses are generally 10 mg per day,the supplement helps to gain more weight every month and increases muscle size.The worlds bodybuilders and athelete use it to increase muscle size and has no side effects which is a best option instead of using steroids.

The LGD-4033 is used for bulking,cutting and increase in muscle size.It is popularly used to increase in muscle size.There are many phenomenal stories who have gain weight while taking LGD-4033.When you will learn in next section about Quarter will Grier,you will get to know that using these weight and muscle gainers are quite significant to use.

Ligandrol is relatively very strong if we compare to other competitive products.Theanabolic:androgenic ratio it has is approximatrly 10:1.To give a view point ,the ratio of testosterone is 1:1.Many of the sources say that the LGD 4033 is 11 times more powerful and stronger than the competitor brand ostarine.

LDG 4033 and Will Grier

The product is quite in news currently and few of the football player faced issues.Quaterback will Grier recently got suspended due to the PED use.Grier was using Ligandrol that was found in his system according to the medical test.officially LGD-4033 is not classified as a steroid but it is been prohibited now naming it as performance enhancing drug.Because of which Grier will be one year suspended.The Quarterback has made an appeal and there is no full details regarding the investigation.The reports of the drug released from NFL insider type sources so there is no detail specific information that is available.

Some of the sources claim that Grier took LGD-4033 to gain 43 pounds.But in the freshman year he was weighed 173 pounds then by the second year he would have bulked upto 215 pounds.Grier must be the protruding user of ligandrol.The drug is however very famous in my athletes as well professionals which includes:

· Models

· Bodybuilder

· Crossfitters

· Powerlifters

· Athlethes around the world

· Sports person globally

· strongmen

How does LGD – 4033 work?

The LGD-4033 works as a selective androgen receptor which means it has an affinity which is extremely high to bind with the androgen receptors.The selective is the name that comes due to the fact that it binds to the androgen receptors only in muscles and not in areas like bone or other area where the androgen binding receptors are present

The drug has various medical uses apart from using it as a performance enhancer drug.TheLigandrol drug is originally being developed to treat muscle wasting conditions like the muscular dystrophy.The muscle wasting condition are linked to disorder like cancer and diseases like illness and old age

How to Buy LDG -4033

The LDG -4033 is not recently prohibited or illegal unless you are a professional player or a collegiate sports player that have specific prohibited ped’s like LDG-4033.

You will get it from online retailers and you will get it at a price of approximate $ 40 at concentration of 10 mg per ml which means 30 ml in total.

The average dose is usually 5 to 10 gm per day which gives 3 to 6 doses of the supplement in a day

The supplement should be taken orally so you don’t require to inject yourself.

Many of the low quality supplement manufacturers are selling ligandrol in the capsule form.Please note that these concentration are extremely poor compared to the one which is a available in a liquid oral form.If you want to increase your muscle and want to gain mass like bodybuilders then taking a liquid oral solution of the ldg-4033 is the best option which is compared to other selective androgen receptor modulator is quite affordable by paying approximately $ 40 for 8 weeks.

Expectation to keep while taking ligandrol

The ligandrol helps to gain weight of 1 to 1.5 pounds in four weeks and which being reported while taking ligandrol in one of the survey.The weight gains also take place when eating above maintaining calories if you are on high protein diet.Many of the people say that the gains are like steroid that proves the result of ligandrol.

Some of the controversy are there over LDG-4033 because of the weight gains that easily takes place from glycogen supercondensation.The layman terms that the steroid like property of LDG-4033 is telling your body that you must be ready to store more carbohydrates and more water than the regular life storage.

If you stop taking ligandrol and you cycle gradually gets stop ,your weight will automatically loose.This happens simply due to the fact that muscle starts reducing glycogen

Doses to be taken:

The LDG-4033 is taken 5 to 10 times per day. After 4 to 5 weeks some of the users suggest to increase dose by 1 to 2 mg and cycle it off every 7 to 13 weeks.

Side effects

LDG-4033 is not associated with significant side effects so far. This doesn’t mean that there is no side effects.Some of the studies show that for example LDG-4033 heavily suppresses and produces low level of free testosterone.While heavily suppress and reducing sex hormones binding globulin levels which means SHBG levels.

The good news is taking LDG-4033 will not take long time which is just one to three weeks for the testosterone levels from getting back to normal.LDG-4033 does not affect hormones such as the LH and FSH so it requires very less time for getting back to normal

There are no reports showing the estrogenic changes in the system after using ligandrol.Some people regardlessly prefer to use aromatase inhibitor.The mini post cycle therapy is suggested in such situations.But it is not required as LDG-4033 will not affect you that much that will face libido issues or the unexpected side effects

Ligandrol has no link with liver toxicity so there is no term damage or side effect to any of the organs in the body.

How must use LDG-4033?

The LDG-4033 is a legal alternative for steroid which appears to work like steroids but there are no harmful side-effects from ligandrol.We can say that it is free from side effects as long as you are not a Grier will.Theligandrol acts effectively as a supercharging used to increase muscle size and if you want to increase your muscle size and you are searching for a popular brand then the ligandrol is an ultimate best option for you.


Working out is one thing but you need to administer the proper bodybuilding supplements to get strong and keep your muscles fit.

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