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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Kettlebell Workouts Hip Stance

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Unlike Kettlebell workouts in traditional exercises, chances are that you don’t utilize your hips, as you should.

Your hips are less mobile, which prevents you from using your hip power effectively in a kettlebell routine.

The power that you generate when you use your hips during a kettlebell workout determines the results you get and the amount of weight you can handle.

When you have strong hips you can advance to heavier bells without causing injury to other body parts such as your back or knees. With kettlebell workouts, you’ll unleash your hip power to its fullest, provided you use your hip snap correctly.

 Finding Your Proper Stance Position

Kettlebell Workouts Hip StanceFinding your hip stance differs among individuals. But it is generally found by finding a comfortable standing position. Your legs should be a little more than shoulder width apart.

Having the right size kettlebell will also determine how comfortable your stance is. If the horns (the handle) of your weight are too wide for you, it will rub against your legs and will be uncomfortable.

 Doing It The Wrong Way

The key to this stance is that your feet are slightly wider than shoulder width apart. If you feel like you are going to fall backward then you are not in the proper form. It may take you a few tries to get your perfect position.

 Doing It Right during kettlebell workouts.

If however you don’t feel like you’re going to tip over and your ball doesn’t rub against your inner thighs then you have found your proper stance.

 What Is A Hip Snap

A hip snap is when you stand in your perfect stance. Planting your weight into the ground so you can be steady and solid throughout your training. By establishing proper footing beforehand, the kettlebell will not shift you—either backward or forward. You will not be moved. Some people choose to stamp their feet one at a time to firmly ground themselves in the ground. Sumo wrestlers do this just like your kettlebell workout.

Once you have taken up your proper stance with your arms in front of you, reach back with your hips, feeling your weight in your heels. Sit back with your hips as if sitting in a box. Keep your hips neutral. Now you will drive through your heels, tighten your glutes and abs; lock your knees, as you snap your hips forward as you return to a standing position and that’s a kettlebell routine.

Make Your Hip Snap Intentional

You should practice your hip snap during every workout and with every repetition. Your hip snaps are intentional to create force and tension—it is this tension that will give you amazing results when doing kettlebell workouts.

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