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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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MMA Exercises And The TRX Suspension Trainer

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Mixed martial arts, popularly known as MMA is arguably the toughest sport around. And its popularity rises daily; many appreciate the incredible fitness levels of the fighters, others are simply enchanted by the artistic display of skill, strength, wit, endurance, flexibility, agility, and balance.

The very question that comes to mind, when you witness MMA in its purest form (in the ring) is what exercises and training do these guys do. Exercising like an MMA fighter is no joke, but can be done with passion and perseverance. MMA fighters are complete and all round athletes, this explains their almost super human fitness. Mental fitness is also a very crucial aspect of MMA exercises.

Here are some MMA exercises that you can do with TRX Suspension Trainer:

Warm up

Warming up before your start exercising is very important to get your flowing, it increases your heart rate and occupies muscles fibers. Without a proper warm up, you will get tired quickly and easily. Your warm up routine mustn’t be anything hardcore or fancy, simply jog or sprint for you a few minutes.


MMA Exercises And The TRX Suspension Trainer

Wondering why I have squat on the top of MMA exercises. Squats are the aloe vera of exercises, packed with numerous health benefits. Squats are considered as a full body workout and possibly the best leg exercise. Your squat routines must be varied some days you should squat heavily and others day focus on repetitions. Squats are responsible for strength, speedy take downs and kicking. When squatting your face must straight and your back straight.


Deadlifts is a great exercise for power and strength. It also boosts your leg and grip. Deadlifts can be done through a number of ways, a sandbag, trap-bar, a barbell and generally anything heavy that you can lift.

Clean and press

Top athletes around the world have vouched for clean as an explosive exercise. It increases cardiovascular endurance and stamina, builds muscles and burn fat. Clean and press is done by lifting a barbell that is loaded directly from the floor first to your shoulders and then over your head. Clean and press is not for the faint, so bring your A-game when you clean and press.

Bar Lunges

Lunges are a very good way of enhancing the flexibility in your quads, hamstring. These in turn increases kicking speed, height and overall power. Lunges also helps develop the muscle groups that are necessary to stand on a leg at a time. Takes downs which require very strong legs are also benefits of lunges. Bar lunges can be performed by first, making sure the bar is accurately positioned, carry on shoulders then take long step forward with a leg so that your front knee aligns with over your heel directly. Then drop your back knee till it almost touches he floor, use your front legs to propel you back to the starting position. Repeat this with the opposite leg.

Step ups

This MMA exercise develops both upper and lower body strength. It provides athletes with amazing core strength and stability.


Pushups are very essential exercises; they build your scapula and shoulders which are main core developers. Employ different pushups variations, close, spread hands Pushup on rings. Many MMA athletes are wrapped in chains a way to overburden their pushup routine without restrictions.

Pull ups

Pull ups like pushups are natural shoulder movements. Pull ups are very well known grip enhancer. Generally aerobic exercises are also very essential for optimal general fitness. It ensures that your muscles don’t get tire quickly. They must be an important part of your routine.

Your diet also plays an important role in MMA training and exercises. You have to eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, the more natural the better. It also very important to remember to express your creativity in your MMA regimen and have fun too.

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