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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Natural Muscle Building Guide

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By M G Greg

Here you will learn how important is natural muscle building instead of going on the “bad side” using steroids and other supplements to help yourself gaining muscles in a really fast time. You need to know that, if you follow this basic steps you will get same results and your health will only improve.

If you are not competing in bodybuilding competitions you really do not need to take steroids because you will cause only bad things to your body and health. You can obtain same effects following the ideal nutrition and weekly workouts and also taking some of the very basic supplements, like Whey.

Nutrition is more important than workoutWhen it comes to nutrition which feeds your muscles, you need to know some basic things. Nutrition is more important than workout, so you need to follow both if you want to see results. In natural muscle building you need to eat 6 times per day. You need to eat proteins like meat and low carbohydrates or fat, usually in a ratio of 50:50:20. Junk food is one of the things that will slow your results because you will get fat over your muscles which will cause them to look fat.

The best supplements are Whey and Fat Burners. You do not need others supplements to get results faster, they will not help you if you do not follow given nutrition program and workout program. So first try to follow both and then use supplements. Use whey after every daily workout and Fat Burners usually are taken half hour before you go running.

When it comes to workout, you need to go in GYM around 3-5 times per week. Usually on each workout day you work on two muscle categories from chest, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back… For each muscle category you should do specific exercises, daily you should do 4 different exercises with 3-4 routines of 10-6 reps to gain maximum results. Keep you muscles pumping and do not lose the concentration during the exercises.

You will see that if you follow this very basic tips for natural muscle building you will see results in weeks time because you will change your nutrition program and also workout program which will cause muscle building. Are you ready for that challenge?

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