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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Plus Size Sports Bra

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Choosing a plus size sports bra for high force sports.

The industry of clothing for plus size women has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Garments from sizes 1X to 6X and even larger and available in stylish and well fitted clothing. This is also true of women’s undergarments and now stylish and sexy bras for plus size women are available in a variety that was earlier just not available.

Importance of proper sports bras

Women’s undergarments play an important role especially while exercising as they should fit properly and support well. An ill fitting bra can give you pains and aches when you are performing strenuous exercises and restricted movements like those in yoga. This is even more important if you have a curvy figure. This is the reason that you should opt for a good Plus Size Sports Bra while exercising. You should make sure that the bra does not dig into the skin near the shoulders, beneath the breasts or beneath the arms as this is not the accurate kind of bra. Let us look at some tips to follow while choosing the right sports bra if you are a plus size woman.

Steps while choosing a sports bra

sports braa) Wear the sports bra and set straight in front of a mirror having full length. Measure the perimeter of the torso above the breasts and under the armpits, using a fabric measure tape. Make sure that the tape measure does not twist and is snug, otherwise the measurement will be skewed. If you get an odd number, take the subsequent even number.

b) For determining the cup size, you have to take measurement of the fullest part of the breast. Deduct the number obtained in the first measurement from that obtained in the second measurement. If the result is closest to 2 inches then this is a B cup size, C cup size will be of 3 inches, 4 inches is a D cup size and DD cup size is 5 inches. This measurement may change over a period of time due to several reasons. Hence it is necessary to measure yourself from time to time to ensure that you are wearing the right plus size sports bra.

c) Determine the level of activity you are going to indulge in while wearing the sports bra. For high impact sports like soccer, running or aerobics, you will need a high impact bra that has strong fibers to maintain it stationary. You will require less support and lift for medium impact sports like skiing and walking. Low impact sports like strolling, yoga or weight training needs the smallest amount of shaping and compression of your assets.

d) Select the correct Plus Size Sports Bra according to your measurements from these three different constructions. A compression variety of bra restricts the movement of the breasts and provides the maximum support. Women who have a curvy figure with A or B cup size will find this bra to be most comfortable. A natural shape or encapsulated sports bra has a structure that is sewn in to provide extra lift to heavier breasts. Women who have cup size C, D or DD will find this bra to be most comfortable. You can also try an under wired sports bra in natural shape as well as encapsulated shape to get even more support for fuller and heavier breasts that range from DD cup size and above.

e) While choosing plus size sports bra you also have the choice of opting for the racer back style if you require extra firmness on the breasts. A racer back style bra is not only useful while you are indulging in sports but improves your posture in a regular situation like while sitting bent over at an office table. A traditional back can cut into the skin of the shoulders if the straps are too narrow. While choosing a bra you should utilize a mirror that will show three sides of the bra at the same time. Stretch and bend in order to test the support and comfort of the bra. Run or jog in the same place for half a minute to determine how much support the bra is providing and whether the breasts are in motion especially when choosing a plus size sports bra for high force sports.

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