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Secrets Of The Best Stomach Exercise

Female bodybuildingAll the stomach crunches and ab machines in the world are not going to give you that flat tummy you have been seeking. Your body will not allow you to burn fat in just one target area – it’s not made like that. Instead, you have to take a whole body approach. Therefore, the best stomach exercise is actually a multi-pronged approach. You should not abandon the stomach exercises totally, but rather incorporate other activities instead. One of the biggest contributors to overall fat loss and a smaller tummy is cardiovascular workouts. Walking and jogging can be counted among the best stomach exercise activities around. While stomach crunches tones the muscles in the abdominal area, your tummy will not look in shape unless you can burn the fat in the area too.

Strength training is another best stomach exercise that should factor into your overall plan of reducing the size of your tummy. You cannot target just your abs in this situation either but rather your whole body. Part of the purpose of both the cardiovascular workout and strength training is to rev up your metabolism which in turn helps you burn fat all over your body, including your stomach.

Most abdominal exercises and machines target a certain core of muscles in the stomach area and all of the efforts in the world may not create that six-pack you are dreaming of. However, with other one or two activities, you have at least a fighting chance. Regular hula hooping targets abdominal muscles that are rarely taxed during other abdominal workouts and could be considered the best stomach exercise for a flat tummy. Belly dancing targets similar muscles too. It’s a bit unconventional but many people swear that inches just melt away from their waist and tummy areas after maintaining regular workouts that include one of these two activities.

One of the better training machines that will target the stomach area is the Abcore Junior Abdominal Machine, and using this will give you great results.

Of course it goes without saying that the best stomach exercise you choose to incorporate into your workouts should be accompanied by a low fat diet. It would be counterproductive to work hard to burn calories and fat, only to consume the same amount of calories or more in your diet!

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