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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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It’s finally that time of the year that so many of us look forward to! Pick up the sports apparel and lets get ready for some football. For some devoted fans, every game that you watch is the ‘big game’. And a lot of you fans are looking forward to being able to support your favorite team(s) in person. There is no comparison between watching the game on your television and being there to personally experience the fumbles, touchdowns, cheering, and flavors of the game. But, as the season progresses, winter approaches; and it is vital that you and your family are dressed properly when going to see your favorite team in action. A lot of people simply know that it is going to be cold so they do bundle up a bit; but, they do not want to feel confined. This is what keeps one from being properly protected from the elements. And this can cause problems for your body. It does not matter how you fared last season, hypothermia and frostbite can be a problem for all of us. At any time.

While attending a football game in colder weather, your body won’t be doing too much moving around. Because of this, you will feel even colder, and your blood flow will be slower. There is a great deal of sports apparel out there that can be both functional and comfortable. If you peruse the internet, you should even be able to find clothing that keeps your body warm, while displaying your team’s logo, colors and so forth. When looking at sports apparel to wear to that big game that is taking place in thirty degree temperatures, keep extremities and your head in mind. More than forty percent of your body temperature is lost through your head. Keep it warm and dry. To protect your hands, wear mittens (not gloves). Mittens will allow for better circulation of any body heat in your hands. Wear a good pair of thick socks (perhaps two). Opt for socks that are made with wicking material, which will pull any moisture away from your feet and keep them warmer.

As far as other body covering, dress in layers. Your athletic clothing does not have to be so thick that you can barely move. When dressing for those cold weather games, quality of clothing is what you want to look for. Again, there are plenty of places to find your favorite sports apparel that will also function in the way that you need. The layer next to your skin on top may be something like a lightweight, polyester, winter top that has that important wicking needed to remove moisture from your body. A good middle layer would be something like a fleece jacket. For the outer layer, you could opt for a good nylon jacket, which does not have to be huge (and this material will also protect you from possible rain/snow). For the bottom half of your body, you may opt for two layers. Start with a quality pair of silk or polyester thermal underwear. Cover them with jeans or your most comfortable bottoms.

If your children are going to the game with you, be sure that you dress them in the same manner that you would. Keep in mind that smaller body parts may be more prone to hypothermia and frostbite. There cannot be enough emphasis put upon how important it is to keep fingers, ears, toes, heads and noses covered during cold weather. Again, you don’t have to look like the Pillsbury dough boy when you go to those winter games. You can wear your favorite sporting apparel and support your team while being safe at the same time. If you cannot find the specialized cold-weather gear at a sporting goods store, they can easily be found online. You may even find specials that way. So, show your support and stay warm!

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