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The Different Types Of Exercise Shorts

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Have you ever wondered why people don’t wear blue jeans for their exercise routines?  Even though they are comfortable and in the fashion that isn’t what they are made for. If you ask any athlete, all of them will agree that the apparel you wear affects the outcome of your exercise. This is a proven fact that will determine whether you succeed or fail.

There is basically 2 types of exercise shorts which are compression and running or workout shorts. Compression shorts are mainly worn as undergarments and usually come with an inner liner. One distinguishing characteristic is they are usually skin-tight like spandex shorts. They support your muscles better to avoid straining or cramping and prevent chaffing on your skin. This is a plus because they provide a comfort layer between your workout shorts and your skin.

The other type of exercise shorts are more loose-fitting and usually used for outdoor activities like soccer, jogging or hiking. They are made of different materials but cotton and polyester seem to be the most common. Cotton was the material of choice for a long time but with fashion and design innovation, polyester is more popular now.

Cotton is a cheaper material but it has disadvantages too.  It shrinks when you wash it and it doesn’t breathe very well. Polyester and other synthetics can cost a bit more but will pay off in the long run. Polyester is a more breathable material which will keep you cooler during workouts. But ultimately it is up to you to find the best type for you.  Doing a little research will go a long way on your part. Pick something that you will be comfortable wearing for your activities.

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