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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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The TRUTH About Exercise And Nutrition

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Workout will help produce great changes in your body, however, eating correctly is the other half of the equation.

I hand picked Don Lemmon because he knows what he is doing! You will feel better and look better. When these two products are used together – the results are explosive! Read about Don and his products below.

Who is Don Lemmon? Don Lemmon is a West Coast based nutrition and exercise specialist who operates out of both Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. His specialty, explaining how to make any diet work is all covered in his book, Don Lemmon’s Know How – The Truth About Exercise and Nutrition.

Don’s work has been featured on thousands of websites and has outsold most of the better-known nutrition programs online for 4 years running now. Don says that by tweaking ANY diet, you can make it not only work, but actually do the things everyone promises, but can’t seem to deliver.

He is also the formulator of the amazing “Perfect” Multi Nutrient, click here to see the ingredients and “Complete” Essential Fatty Acid Oil, click here to see the ingredients supplements. These two products alone give you over 130 nutritional compounds including ALL of the 100 nutrients typically regarded essential to human health, controlling stress, fighting free radicals, fatigue and even burning fat. Each product contains a specialized formulation of nutrients designed to do magical things for your health. No one compares nor has been able to fit so much in one product like he has!

Before we go any further
  • Don Lemmon’s advice is for the young and old alike.
  • Being fat or skinny depends on your choice of eating habits, not a number of exercise sessions per week you perform.
  • Stress makes you fat even if you eat right. So learn to relax.
  • Vegans and those eating on the run feeling lousy all the time no longer will.
  • Low fat, low carb, high protein, and Zone dieters will progress faster than ever before by applying a few lesser known rules.
  • You do not need to be a fitness star, model, body builder nor athlete to see quick and safe results.
  • If you eliminate digestive disorder, then anyone can become healthy, fit, attractive and more confident.
  • This program is based on natural human chemistry, not theory, not marketing hype.
  • Eliminating sugar and lard is important. It isn’t just in junk food… It’s hidden things in most health food products.
  • Drinking soda, coffee, and ice tea is part of what causes cellulite.
  • You are about to learn that most protein powder is really nothing but cake batter in disguise (and you wondered why you couldn’t lose any fat!


If you are on a Zone Diet, at the end of an average KNOW HOW day, your calories as a whole WILL ACTUALLY BE in the TRUE and CORRECT ‘zone’ for your individual body weight. That’s right, it’s different for EVERYONE. Ask us how we know (the gentleman who wrote a nice chunk of Barry Sears program now works with Don)!

If you are on the Atkin’s diet, and considering something like that, the style and breakdown of the low carb meals Don suggests are much more effective, and EASIER to follow TOO. Yes, that means you can still go low carb diet and be on the KNOW HOW plan at the same time if you like.

If you follow a ‘low fat’ diet or eat ‘nonfat’ or ‘fat-free’ foods, there are a few tricks you should learn if you want to stick with it and win. Even if all you do is add the Don Lemmon Essential Oil blend (just one tablespoon per 100 pounds you weigh) to your meals, you will remain low fat and your diet will finally work, but that’s only because you do need the essential fats if you want your hormones to regulate, skin to be healthy and digestion to optimize, etc, etc. It’s basic physiology folks.

If you are a vegetarian, you can definitely still continue that lifestyle. No problem. But we will show you the smart way to do it. If you listen, you can avoid the number one killers of vegetarians. Heart disease and stomach cancer.

If you are a teenager or even a bodybuilder, you too will learn to eat accordingly taking a little advice from us. Whether you are fat right now or not, things WILL catch up to you and may not be reversible if you continue to ignore the truth about the way the body works. What doesn’t digest properly, like burgers and fries, meal replacements or anything else that gives you gas, will also not nourish you even if you look outwardly ‘OK’ because it’s slowly destroying you inside… You’ll see. This is why people turn to ‘health food’ crazies when they get older and fat. Or why they end up with high cholesterol and ulcers. THEIR PAST is catching up.

Finally, if you are an elderly person, once you start eating like Don Lemmon suggests, your medications will not only seem to work better but your doctors will probably prescribe you even less of them (because this program promotes an overall healthier and more efficient internal YOU that does not require drugs).

As far as resistance training or exercise goes, everyone is expected to participate in some sort of resistance work even though your strength or movement may be limited for whatever reason it is. On this routine, our clients get results off 3 exercises done in 20 minutes MAXIMUM over 6 sessions every TWO weeks at ANY level.

And let’s not forget, if you ‘food combine’ you too are in for a real surprise! You’ll be thanking us for sure. Why? Well, do you get headaches, stomach pains, gas, or other signs of indigestion more than once a week? Don’t you realize it is from the way you eat now? The way you take care of yourself? What do I mean? It’s indigestion. That happens to be the same thing that leads to the loss of muscle tissue, saggy skin and the storing of ugly body fat.

With Don Lemmon’s KNOW HOW, you will learn that you are NOT so much ‘what you eat’ but that by allowing your digestive system to exist in a more relaxed environment, you can, without any added effort or even dieting, begin to experience your ultimate cosmetic goals and just as easily, reverse many supposedly ‘incurable’ conditions.

When you eat right, you won’t need to exercise yourself into the ground to see results. Things just ‘happen’ because you ALLOW them to…. No more forcing.

Look, we are specialists here. We know sometimes it is embarrassing to get on a program when you must not only face your own fears of failure, but you have to see the people you work with face to face and you’re on a diet. That’s not a problem anymore. No one will know you’re on this diet….

Once you sign up, you get 30 days of FREE online counseling where you can ask Don anything you like about your very individual lifestyle changes. Now no one but you and him know you’re on the program. How great is that? Does Bill Phillips, Barry Sears, Dr. Atkins or Suzanne Somers offer FREE counseling with their programs? NO WAY! They are too ‘high and mighty’ to ever do such a thing. Safe to say you have never been coached by the author of a major program? Well… Now you can.

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