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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Thera-Band Exercises

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Thera-Band Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands For Rehabilitation, Portable Fitness and Workout

Have you bought a Thera-band, and you are wondering what kind of exercises you can do with it? Well, let’s start by saying that you can do all sorts of exercises with them. They’re extremely easy on the joints, they’re easy to maneuver, and plus, they give you a rigorous and effective workout. For instance, for chest exercises, stand holding the Thera-band across your back, gripping the ends firmly. Keep your arms straight, and pull the band forward, in front of your chest, until they are about six inches apart. Release and repeat.

If you want to target your shoulders, try the Lateral Raise – stand on the middle of the band, hold each end at waist level, raise arms from your side, taking care to keep your elbows straight. Hold the position, return to initial position, and repeat. Keep your abdominal area and your back straight – if you find going above your shoulders hurts, don’t do it.

There’s the Chest press – wrap the Thera-band around your shoulder blades, and bring the ends underneath your arms. Hold the ends of the bands at the level of your shoulders, extend your arms forward, keeping your elbows straight. Hold the position, return, and repeat. In this exercise, you should avoid arching your back.

You can also try the Chest Front Lift – where you must stand on the middle of your band, with both feet. Hold each end of the band at the level of your waist, in front of you, raise your arms forward, taking care to make your elbows straight. Hold the position, return and repeat.

The Reverse Stretch has been shown to be beneficial as well – stand and hold the middle part of the band, with both your hands. Keep your elbows straight, stretch the bands at the level of your shoulders till you form a T with your body. Hold the position and return, but avoid arching your back in this exercise.

We also suggest the Hip Extension – tie the band in a knot, to make a foot-long loop. Loop the band around your ankles, keep both your knees straight, and extend one leg backward. Hold the position and return. Repeat for the other side. In this exercise too, you mustn’t arch your back. In the Hip Abduction, you follow the same procedure, but in this, you extend your leg outward, not backward.


There are exercises that you could do to strengthen your hamstrings as well

– For instance, in the Hamstring Curl – you tie the band in a knot, to make a foot-long loop. Loop the band between both feet, lie down on your stomach, keep one knee straight, and bend the other knee upward. Hold the position and slowly return. Then repeat for the other side. You can also try the Squat

– Where you stand on the middle of the band with your feet and hold the end with each hand at waist level. Take care to maintain the tension in the band as you slowly squat down, bending your knees. Hold the position and slowly return.

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