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TRX Exercise Training

TRX exercise to train at home

TRX exercise to train at homeThe Suspension Training ® with the TRX ® lets you track your training program at home, traveling or in the gym and gives a quick and effective workout that gets results. Many people of different fitness levels are improving their fitness through the TRX ® .

 Easy to adjust and transport
The TRX is easy to fit and adjust, is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect portable solution for use at home and to take travel.

 Quick and easy Workouts
the TRX Suspension Trainer allows youperform hundreds of functional exercises to improve strength, flexibilitycore stability and endurance.

 Any fitness level and goals
TRX Suspension Training get your own weight body to create resistance with which you work and adjusts the degree of difficulty dependingyour level of fitness, age or goals.

 Train anywhere
If the gym is not for you andprefertrain in the privacy of your home, the garden, in the hotel room or outdoor, the TRX is the solution to keep fit.

Do not let traveling interfere with your training

Crowded airports, the airline food, lengthen meetings, dinners with clients, commitments, etc. are some of the many ways that change our daily habits and against which we must fight if we want to keep fit and lead a healthy diet while we are traveling.

• Tip 1: Schedule your workout
Do not let your travel become an obstacle when follow your daily workout. Put in your suitcase light TRX Suspension Trainer ™ with your clothes and sports shoes. Plan the days and hours that will train depending on your agenda.

• Tip 2: Think of food
tend to abuse food and drink when our usual routine is disturbed. During business trips usually develop a mindset “expense account” (I will get it back when you return home). It is important tomake a conscious effort to maintain a proper diet while esmos away from home. Ideally , carry nutrition bars to avoid eating poorly.

• Tip 3: No gym in the hotel – no excuse!
You can train in the gym , but what do you do if you’ll not get near any? Use your TRX with TRX door anchor to train in the privacy and comfort of your room or go outside, and around the hotel or a nearby park. You can train quickly and efficiently.

• Tip 4: Training for travelers Xpress
Have 20 minutes? Here’s a quick, complete workout for the entire body, which does not accept excuses and is ideal for keeping your motivation and adherence to exercise program even while traveling. Make 3-5 circuits the following 5 years, completing 10-20 reps of each depending on your level of fitness. There is no rest between sets!

  1. TRX Atomic Push Up
  2. Single Leg Squat TRX
  3. TRX High Bicep Curl
  4. T-Deltoid Raise
  5. TRX Hamstring Curls

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