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TRX – How do I install it?

The TRX can be safely used indoors or outdoors on a non-slip surface. To achieve optimal use, a flat exercise area measuring approximately 2 m by 1.5 m in width is required. All models of the TRX come with a device called Suspension Anchor ™, which allows you to “anchor” the TRX to a safe point to support your body weight.

Where can I use the TRX?

Where can I use the TRX?The TRX can be used wherever there is a strong anchorage point that is above the head and supports its weight. Stands for squats, bars for dominated (back and biceps), tree branches, beams and posts are ideal places to anchor the TRX.

Anchoring SolutionsFitness Anywhere manufactures a range of anchor brackets for use in individual and group exercise applications.

TRX Suspension Frame ™

An unfixed structure that supports small and large group classes in any setting. The ideal solution for open spaces and rooms with high ceilings.

  • There are different options that vary between 3 and 9 meters wide.
  • Suspension Frame structure of 9 meters in length supports up to 18 people using the TRX.
  • The structure is made of industrial steel with powder paint finish (galvanized exterior model available).
  • Supports boxing bags and users that perform exercises in suspension.

TRX Xmount

Wall anchors, vertical brackets, or beams above head create secure anchor points and provide efficient space use for the TRX Suspension Trainer. It can be used with any TRX model.

  • Structure of high quality steel with capacity for 350 kilos.
  • Includes lag screws for wood.
  • Double bolt fastening for safety.

The TRX must be anchored properly to perform all the exercises correctly and safely.

When the TRX is fully extended, the bottom of the stirrups should hang 8 inches off the floor.

  • Your anchor point should be between 2.20 and 2.70 meters high.
  • Adjust the suspension anchor (yellow section) at the proper distance so that the black equalizer loop hangs 1.80 meters off the ground (see instructions below).
  1. For higher anchor points:
  2. Extend the suspension anchor (yellow section).
  3. Wind the suspension anchor around the point of attachment.
  4. Hold the black carabiner over the suspension anchor (yellow section) and tighten it to the appliance.
  5. For lower anchor points:
  6. Shorten the suspension anchor (yellow section) to the desired distance by rolling it several times.
  7. Hold the black carabiner in the corresponding intermediate anchor loop so the black equalizer loop hangs 1.80 meters above the ground.

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