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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Ways You Can Workout Without Weights

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An individual may not be able or would prefer not to use weights when working out due to a number of reasons such as finances or lack of time. However one can still manage to perform workouts without weights by doing a selection of body weight and plyometric exercises. If well organized, you could come up with a program that will not only be short on time but also high on results.

For there to be any significant growth of your muscles, there has to be an overloading agent. This in particular is the stress you expose to your muscles . It should be overloading stress that they have not experienced before. This overloading factor does not need to be from exercised done in the gym, one can improvise using body weight, momentum and gravity. This is especially visible in competitors such as gymnasts.

Best Home Workout Without Weight

It is important that you incorporate this basic principle into your schedule. This will enable you to witness significant muscle growth and strength if you are consistent in your regime. One can start exercising the lower body by doing jump squats.

Jump squats are done by first getting down on a squat position. From this point, jump up as high as you possibly can and then when you land hold a position halfway down into the squat for about two seconds before completing the squat. Do three sets of eight or ten repetitions depending on your endurance. This exercise should be done on alternate days of the week to avoid injury.

Another popular exercise is doing the stationary lunge. One can make these more rigorous by first doing them halfway and then reversing the motion before completing the whole exercise. The half lunges should be done alternately with the full ones. You can do fifteen repetitions of these for two sets and you will be good.

Exercising the upper body is just as effective with this approach to exercising. A good exercise for the upper body is the push up. These are easy to do and can be modified to make them more challenging. Take longer than you normally would while lowering your body and lifting yourself up as fast as you can. Do three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions each.

Another good exercise for the upper body is the pull ups. They are also versatile in that they can be used to work out the biceps if done the close grip style or they can work the laterals with the wide grip style. They are easily performed so long as you have a pole high enough for you to hang on. You can do three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions each. If you follow these instructions, workouts without weights should not be very difficult.

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