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What does TRX work?

TRX for all levels, in all places and for all their goals.

With the TRX, which can easilyinstalled anywhere, you can make a virtually unlimited number of training exercises in suspension to achieve any fitness goal or performance proposed as objective. As you can adapt the resistance at any time by the regulation of body position, suspension training is safe and effective for people with all levels of fitness. The TRX is portable and accessible, and offers more functionality than many other appliances and expensive exercise. Its compact design allows you use it in most places. In any sports facility, at home or even in a hotel room when you are traveling

TRX working entire midsection at all times

TRX trainingIts center of gravity is located right above the hips, on the midline of the body. Changes posture move its center of gravity, but in most activities of daily life, remains within the boundaries of the torso. The body uses muscle power to control your center of gravity during movement. The suspension training techniques are designed to intentionally shift its center of gravity, which activates the muscles of the midsection during each exercise. Whether in the chest press suspended, rowing (back), scissors (legs), extension arms or even bending arms (biceps), the midsection of your bodywork to complete to stabilize and balance functionally . The suspension training develops strength in the midsection by dynamic functional movements and positions. When most traditional exercises for abdominal training must be performed on the floor supine position with the TRX suspension performs. In addition to offering a number of intense movements that specifically focus on the abdominals, a significant strengthening of the middle section of the body in each exercise back, shoulders, chest, hips and legs is also integrated. That is why we say that in training with the TRX “entire midsection, at all times” involved.

TRX Benefits for all levels of training.

TRX Benefits for all levels of trainingTraining benefits suspended not only apply to high – performance athletes, but also can be used by all who seek a method to improve your fitness quickly and safely. Personal trainers adopted immediately suspended training and group classes with the TRX, which made the team very popular in gyms. The personal trainers of actors, singers and celebrities ultimately, are incorporating training routines suspended its customers with spectacular results. The health and welfare programs for the elderly, have also used the TRX as a solution, as it allows the elderly to move freely without fear of falling. Physical therapists are using the TRX to rehabilitate his patients, like clinics , sports medicine and chiropractic visits for rehabilitation and recovery from injury with remarkable success.

Our extensive collection of exercises with the TRX, makes suspension training an effective and versatile solution for training, regardless of age, gender or fitness level of the user, and also the TRX can be used almost anywhere. All our exercises can be modified to design customized training programs. All both theoretical and practical training provides this information allows health professionals and physical condition as you devise adequate programs and tailored for a variety of customers.

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