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Thursday , September 21 2017
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What Are TRX Exercises?

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TRX Exercises Were Created by the American Army (Navy SEAL)

In warehouses of the docks, barracks, on ships and submarines, Randy Hetrick, founder of Fitness Anywhere and his fellow Navy SEAL needed maintain optimal physical condition. However, the circumstances of their work often did not have at their disposal or traditional training equipment or adequate space for it. The TRX was created to meet that need, and initially, a belt parachute sewed by hand with tools for repair of rubber dinghies used. During the weeks and after the creation of TRX, Hetrick and his companions months quickly developed a series of TRX exercises that used body weight and were designed especially for this exceptional training equipment. Soon, Hetrick and his companions had laid the groundwork for what would be a completely new and original category of the TRX exercises functional: Training in suspension.

TRX exercise is created by the American Army

TRX Exercises – A new way of training

Training suspension provides an advantage to participants compared with the simple protocol conventional strength training. Why? For each training exercise in suspension develops functional strength while improving flexibility, balance, and stability of the central part (core) body, as required in any sport or in everyday life. From the field battle, professional sports currently doing TRX exercises with the TRX suspension has become the favorite system of the elite units of the United States Armed Forces functional training. The effectiveness and versatility of the TRX as the only tool for training in suspension has exceeded the scope of the battlefield and has joined the team training major professional sports in the US as the National Football League, the Association national Basketball, the national Hockey League and Major League Baseball.

The TRX exercises training quickly became the cornerstone of the training programs of hundreds of professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, combat sports, triathlon, golf, tennis, skiing, swimming, surfing, motocross and practically every conceivable sporting activities. Many training programs athletics throughout North America have turned to the TRX exercise as the main basis of their routines strength and conditioning for all your equipment.In its simplest form, suspension training refers to the extensive collection of movements and exercises and principles created by Fitness Anywhere program. These movements and exercises differ from traditional exercises as hands or feet of the user are usually supported by a single anchor point, while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the ground. When the TRX is used, the desired percentage of body weight rests on the desired body area with a dynamic exercise movement. The only point fastening TRX provides an ideal combination of support and mobility to develop strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, strength and stability of the central part and a wide choice of resistance.

TRX Exercises Give More Stretch

TRX stretching
TRX training and stretching

With the use of TRX Exercises, people will be able to organize their lives better. Homemakers will be familiar with the chores that make this a full-time job.   Dropping the children to school, sorting out the laundry, feeding the dogs, getting the bills sorted out and finally driving to school to pick the children up and take them to soccer practice; are most of the daily activities of a full-time stay-at-home mom.  These activities are very demanding on a woman, and it is not surprising that her energy levels will be very low at the end of the day.

TRX Exercises done for a mere thirty minutes per session will help her boost her energy levels and gain the extra strength she needs to handle the baby and the housework.  Training can be done whilst the baby is napping, and she will feel the boost of energy immediately.  This will come with a “feel good” factor that can only come from the body’s inner being.

As the feelings of strength grow, the stress levels reduce in equal proportion.  It is important for people to understand how important it is for the body’s core muscles to get stronger.  As the popularity of TRX Exercises grows, it is getting into the mainstream of professional sport.  Valuable sports personalities such as those who play for the English Premier League, swear by the importance of using these exercises in order to prevent injury.

Getting the extra body length that comes from the improvement of posture will help sportsmen achieve things which they thought were impossible before.  Watching the burst of energy as an NFL player rushes to make the touchdown is sometimes unbelievable.  This same player talks about how TRX played a role in keeping him focused and balanced, whilst giving him the energy boost he needed.  It is this kind of amazing stories that make more regular people want to undertake a training regime that includes TRX Exercises.

Sports idols need not be the only ones who have lean and fit bodies.  The beauty of using this form of exercise to gain the perfect body is that two of the major tools that one needs are always present.  These are the body, and the force of gravity.  The suspension trainer is so easy to carry that it can be carried in a small backpack.  Its portability also makes it available for anyone who wants to do their TRX kit away from the gym.  Traveling sportsmen and sportswomen make sure they always have their suspension trainer in order not to miss a chance to do their TRX Exercises in order to stretch and train their muscles.

The following are top 5 TRX exercises that can help you reach your desired fitness goals:

TRX Exercise #1 – Squat & Fly:

TRX Squat & FlyMaking sure the TRX is at mid-length, you must start by facing the anchor point, stacking your elbows under your shoulders with your feet hip width apart. Next, lower your hips down and back, making sure your weight is in the middle of your feet as you come down. When your knees hit 90 degrees, press back off your heels and exhale. You should always make sure that your body is not bending too far forward and that your chest is up and lifted the entire time. (B). Drawing your arms apart hits your rear delts, making this a full-body move.

TRX Exercise #2 – Single Leg Squat:

TRX Single Leg SquatMaking sure the TRX is at mid-length, you must start by facing the anchor point, stacking your elbows under your shoulders with one leg centered towards the anchor point. Lift your opposite leg to about 90 degrees at the hip and slowly lower your hips downward and back. Make sure that your weight is in the center of your foot as you come down and that your knee remains over your ankle. It is very important to make sure that the bending knee does not move forward pass the toes. To return, drive through the heel of the foot, extend the hips and exhale. Note how many reps you do on one side and repeat when you even out the other side.

TRX Exercise #3 – Chest Press:

TRX Chest PressMaking sure the TRX is fully extended, start by facing away from the anchor point, extending your arms in front of your shoulders and leaning on the balls of your feet. Your feet can either be together (which is more difficult) or hip width apart. Find an angle that works for you. The closer you move towards the anchor point, the more difficult the exercise will be due to the steeper angle. The further away your feet are planted towards the anchor point, the easier the exercise will get. While maintaining your plank, lower your entire body by making sure your elbows bend to 90 degrees. To return, press back evenly on the handles and drive through the palms. Squeeze your chest and maintain your plank as you return to the start position. Don’t forget to exhale when you press.

TRX Exercise #4 – Low Row:

TRX Low RowMaking sure that the TRX is fully shortened, begin by looking towards the anchor point while pulling your shoulders down and back. Bend your elbows and have your palms facing each other while your hands are next to your chest. Slowly take a few steps forward until you find your shoulders and back beginning to squeeze. While maintaining your plank, lower your entire body down until your arms are extended fully. To return, initiate the squeeze at the shoulders and back as you pull your body towards the anchor point. Do so by driving your elbows back beside your body and exhale.

TRX Exercise #5 – Triceps Press:

TRX Triceps PressMaking sure that the TRX is at mid-length, begin by facing away from the anchor point and extend your arms in front of your shoulders with your palms facing down. Take a few small steps back until you find your desired degree of difficulty and choose your appropriate foot stance (whether feet together or apart). Next, keep your elbows up and stationary, lowering your body down until your thumbs are beside your temples. To return, drive through your palms, extend your arms while maintaining your plank throughout the entire movement. Lastly, make sure that your elbows stay aligned with your shoulders and do not move outward.

As you can see, do TRX exercises on the TRX Suspension Trainer is not an easy task. However, you will be rewarded with a lean and toned build if you keep up with a good exercise regimen using the TRX!

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