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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Why People Fail at Exercising Goals

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Keeping yourself fit should always be a lifelong commitment. After all it is for our good or benefit too. We plan things ahead and say that starting next week I’m going to start working out. To some it even becomes a regular new year’s resolution. Sadly, all those plans to exercise and workout only become words and markings on our calendar. It just all becomes a regular new year’s resolution. In fact mot people’s bellies have started to grow before they even started out to exercise.

The first thing you’d have to do to finally correct that mistake of yours is to figure out what went wrong? You’d have to think about that somewhere during your planning process or exercise regimen, you had some event that disturbed your exercise regimen. Here are some of the reasons we may fail on our commitment.

  • Having a flu, cold or any virus that makes us feel to sick to workout. After we have been cured, we are now too lazy to get moving once again.
  • Having injured something or pulling a muscle. After being into sever pain from muscle aches or other injuries, why would you consider risking yourself all over again?
  • You’re just a busy person. Sometimes things in life we don’t expect get in the way. We may be promoted and suddenly have lots of job duties. You may have other social obligations. You may either have too long working hours and you become too tired just to lift a 5 pound dumbbell.
  • You suddenly have a baby. Having a baby can take out too much of your time. However having a baby is also considered to be one kind of physical exercise. Just think about all the hard work you’d do just to clean the mess up and feed the baby. Just think how worse life could be if you gave birth to triplets.
  • Sometimes being busy at a whole lot of things will obviously make you tired or spent to even go to the gym. Just thinking about lifting a dumbbell makes you all tired up. When your brain still says yes to working out but your body isn’t anymore, then it’s futile to resist. You’ll jut end up sleeping at the gym or sleeping while jogging.
  • The opposite might just happen if you overdo it. You will suddenly feel all burned out from overtraining and you might lose interest.
  • After a whole lot of exercising the results are just not happening. You’re eventually frustrated and just want to give up. Instead have a trainer guide you to achieve results.
  • The travel time going to the gym is just too far and you’re too lazy to go there.

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