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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Workouts without weights! Is it any good?

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Find out the answer to the question “is workouts without weights any good?”

So what is this post all about? It´s about, why doing workouts without weights, is a very powerful way of exercising and increasing function. Hopefully, once you have finished reading this short post you will also see why body weight exercises is an amazing way of doing your workouts.

I want to make one thing clear here though, I´m not against going to the gym, and doing weight training, for some people (especially top athletes) this is also necessary. So weight training is defiantly not a bad thing. Then why, do workouts without weights, you might be wondering? Simply because you can do some amazing workouts, just using your body weight alone. There are lots of advantages choosing workout routines without weights. Let me summon some of them up for you here:

  • 100% Free. You don not have to pay a dime – NO expensive memberships, you do not have to buy any expensive equipment and you )
  • You are forced to use your entire body with almost every singly exercise you choose which: 1) massively improves function of your entire body, because you body is forced to work as an integrated organism, 2) improves stability throughout your entire body, because your stabilizers have to work at full power, 3) easy to get a full body strength training session, because using your body as an integrated organism, automatically puts demand on every single muscle in your body.
  • Gives you a workout where you use your body as it has been designed to be used – fully integrated, not isolated. By using machines at the gym you actually makes you body less intelligent. You muscles roughly can be divided into to two purpose specific groups. One group of muscles is designed to create stability and the other group is designed to create movement of a joint. In a normal functional body it is the “stability” muscles that control how much you can lift with you “movement” muscles. This simply is a protection mechanism that prevents you from injuring your joints. When using machines in your workout you overrule and de-train this protective mechanism because your stabilizers really do not have to work due to the fixed movement machines are limited to. This will never happen when using body weight exercises. You stabilizers are forced to work just like they are designed to.
  • Will automatically provide you with a power abs workout, simply because you use your body integrated.
  • Can give you a very high calorie burn since almost every muscle in your body use energy, which is great if you are looking for exercises to lose weight.
  • Workouts without weights wiill help you build a great and natural posture because your body is used the way it is designed.
  • Often using your body only is much more fun than going to the gym because you can be more creative with your choice of exercises and it is ease to workout outdoors (maybe in a forest, in a park or at the beach).
  • By performing workouts without weights you can get active anywhere and anytime you want to since you do not need to bring anything but yourself.
  • Body weight exercises are often less time consuming due to the two facts that: 1) you do not have to go to the gym, 2) you get a full body workout much faster, because you use all of the muscles in your body.
  • Easy to do with a one or more exercise partners, you decide, you can even do group workouts very easily.

workouts without weights

You see – A LOT of advantages. Right here I also want to share a little secret with you. Whenever I start up with new clients I almost always start them out using body weight exercises and nothing else – and it doesn´t matter if it´s back rehabilitation or high performance optimization. It´s so easy to create a demanding and functional home work out. So hopefully by now you see that doing body weight exercises makes a lot of sense. If you think that you will be challenged it´s just because you have not experienced REAL workouts routines without weights.

So the answer to the question “is workouts without weights any good?” is absolutely yes. Workout routines without weights absolutely ROCKS! Using your body as weight makes exercising so much more fun.

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