Zip Front Sports Bra

Zip Front Sports Bra Buying Guide.

A zip front sports bra has a zipper front that is used to secure the sports bra in place. Zip it up to close it or zip it down when you are going to take it off. It’s easier compared to fumbling with the fasteners of other types of sports bra clasps located at your back.

Some women prefer to use a zip front sports bra because of certain conditions. Those who had undergone breast surgery because of cancer can benefit greatly from this kind of bra. This is because it would be easier to wear and remove them while they’re in the stage of recovery. With delicate breasts after the operation, you would a bra that’s easy to wear and take off.

Nursing mother’s can also benefit on using a zip front sports bra. It would be easier for them to feed their baby by just pulling down the zipper of their bra. Of course there are nursing bras available for this purpose but at least you know you have other options.

One downside to using a zip front sports bra is the lower amount of support. Bouncing movement will be lesser but it’s not that much. This is why it’s only recommended for low impact activities. We don’t advise you to engage in activities such as weight lifting or heavy workouts. However, there are still some brands that can support high impact activities and we will be talking about them in a bit.

Zip front sport bras are also not intended for bigger bust women because it won’t be able to restrict the bouncing that well. It would be better if they for a full figure sports bra or a high impact sports bra.

SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Front Zip Non Padded Wireless Supportive Sports Bra

SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Front Zip Non Padded Wireless Supportive Sports Bra is able to support high impact activities. It reduces the movement and the materials wicks sweat away. The bra fits snugly in a comfortable way. We advise you to get one size bigger than your actual bra size if you aren’t used to wearing zipper front sports bra. This is because you might feel that it’s too tight for you.

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Valmont Zip Front Sports Bra

This is one of the better zip front sports bra that’s available in the market. It’s makes you feel very comfortable and it’s easy to put on. You can even wear it on your, that’s how comfortable it is. However, only low impact activity levels are recommended when you are wearing it. It won’t be able to fully minimize bouncing when you do vigorous physical activities.

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